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Bioinformatics Center (BIC) actively conducts workshops and seminars in the emerging areas of genomics, proteomics & drug design for participants that include college faculty, research scholars, graduate students and school teachers to fulfill its objective to promote Biology Teaching through Bioinformatics. Some of the major workshops conducted :
  • Bioinformatics Training Programme for College Teachers (Celebrating 10 years of BIF @ SVC), July 27-28,2017
  • Symposium on Computer-aided Drug Design for undergraduate students, December 23, 2016
  • Symposium in Mathematical and Computational Biology, March 10, 2015
  • International Conference on Emerging Trends of Nanotechnogy in Drug Discovery, May 26-27, 2014
  • Symposium on Ramachandran Manifestation: Peptide to Proteome, March 14-15, 2013
  • Bioinformatics Training Programme for College Teachers, Fegruary 07-09, 2013
  • Computational Approaches for Lead Optimization in Drug Discovery 2011
  • National Conference on Drug Discovery & Development, January 2009
  • Instructional Workshop in Bioinformatics for School Teachers, April 2008
  • Bioinformatics Workshop for School Teachers, January 2008
  • The Second ASEAN India Bioinformatics Programme, December 2006
  • National Workshop in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, April 2005
  • Recent Advances in Computer Aided Drug Design
  • Bioinformatics Workshop for Life Sciences Faculty
  • Talk and hands-on training on Computer-aided drug design for undergraduate students at Miranda house, University of Delhi, New Delhi (16th October, 2019)
  • Symposium and hands-on workshop on Basic Bioinformatics for undergraduate students at Institute of Home Economics, University of Delhi, New Delhi (20th December, 2018)
  • Workshop on Molecular modeling for undergraduate students at Miranda house, University of Delhi, New Delhi (January 2018)

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