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International Conference

1. 19th International Conferences on Systems Biology (ICSB 2018); organized by Cité Internationale, Lyon, France. Presented oral talk entitled “Computational Studies of Drug Targets for Human Dopaminergic System Implicated in Neurological Disorders”; October, 2018. 
2. University of Vienna organized International Conference SFB35. Presented Poster cum oral talk entitled “Molecular Network & Dynamics of Dopamine receptors implicated in neurological disorders”; September, 2015.
3. 17th conversation State University of New York, Albany, NY, USA organized International Conference Albany 2011. Presented Poster entitled “Integrating CADD methodologies for the design of novel COMT inhibitors”; June, 2011.

National Conference

1. 17th International Conference on Bioinformatics (INCOB 2018); organized by JNU, New Delhi., India. Poster entitled “Drug Target Prioritization for Alzheimer’s disease by Protein Interaction Network analysis”; September, 2018.
2. National conference on Breaking Barriers through Bioinformatics & Computational Biology; organized by IIT Delhi. Poster entitled “Overlapping Brain Disorders in Human Dopamine Receptors Interactions Network”; July, 2017.
3. National Conference on Breaking Barriers through Bioinformatics & Computational Biology organized by SCFBio, IIT Delhi. Poster entitled “Investigation of Host-Pathogen Interaction Interface at the early HIV-1 infection stage using computational approaches”; July, 2017.
4. 3rd International Conference on Protein Folding and Dynamics; organized by NCBS, Bangalore. Poster entitled Investigating the Structural Impact of S311C Mutation in DRD2 Receptor by Molecular Dynamics & Docking Studies”; November, 2016.
5. Indian Biophysical Society (IBS) meeting; organized by Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Poster entitled “Human Dopamine Receptors Interaction Network (DRIN): A systems biology perspective on schizophrenia disease biology”; February, 2015.
6. National Symposium on Biophysics and Golden Jubilee meeting of the Indian Biophysical Society; organized by Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. Poster entitled “Dynamical Characterization of Dopamine Receptor D4 using Molecular Dynamics Simulations”; February, 2015.
7. BioWorld Conference; organized by IIT Delhi. Poster entitled “Insights into Co-expression Network of Disease Genes in Schizophrenia”; December, 2013.
8. National Symposium Accelerating Biology; organized by C-DAC, Pune. Poster entitled Human Dopamine Receptors Interaction Network: A Systems Biology Approach; February, 2013.
9. Workshop on “Molecular Modelling and Drug Design”; organized by Centre for Modelling Simulation and Design, University of Hyderabad. Poster entitled “Molecular Modeling studies of Fatty Acyl-CoA Synthetase (FadD13) from Mycobacterium tuberculosis – A potential target for the development of antitubercular drugs”; August, 2010.
10. International Conference on “Open Source for Computer Aided Drug Discovery” organized by Institute of Microbial Technology. Oral presentation on “Insights into the Predicted Structure of fadD13 using Computational Approaches: A Novel Target for Tuberculosis Drug Discovery”; Chandigarh; March, 2009.
11. National Conference on Drug Discovery and Development” organized by Sri Venkateswara College, New Delhi. Poster entitled “Structure Prediction & Characterization of Emerging Drug Targets using in silico approaches”; January, 2009.
12. International Symposium on “Emerging Trends in Tuberculosis Research: Biomarkers, Drugs and Vaccines” organized by ICGEB, New Delhi. Poster on “In silico Modeling and Docking studies of FadD13 – A novel target for tuberculosis drug discovery”; December, 2008.
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